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Slag silo Granulated blast furnace slag is the product in iron making process of industrial waste, one ton of iron smelting will have 0.3 tons of graining blast furnace slag (the following abbreviatio …
Chemical Powder Silo Offering chemical powder, cement powder storage silo, fly ash powder,etc.High quality,good air-tightness,long life,short construction time of the steel silo used to store different bulk material.More information, Inquiry Now!
Fly Ash Silo Fly ash silo is wildly used to store industrial powder,as cement powder,fly ash,lime powder,etc.Offering cement storage silo, industrial powder silo, slag silo with capacity 100 ton, 500 ton, 1000 ton ,etc.
5000 Ton Lime Powder Storage Case Our lime powder silo advanced Lipp technology and double galvanized steel plate, high quality, low price, various capacity.Also offer cement storage silo, industrial powder silo, slag silo, fly ash silo.
5000 Ton Bulk Fly Ash Storage Silo Project 5000 ton bulk fly ash storage silo project,we also equipped silo with belt conveyor, homogenization system, material level monitor, sample collector, etc. auxiliary. At present, two galvanized Lipp silos are going on well.
Steel Silo Project For 880 Ton Pyrophyllite Powder Storage 880 Ton pyrophyllite powder storage silo,This small capacity silo has its own advantages, low civil work cost, short installation time, easy to install as well easy to load and unload the material.
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