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Dust Collector

The structure and work principle of PPCS series dust collector/bag filter
PPCS series dust filter is made up of shell, dust hopper, discharge dust device, frame and pulse removing dust system etc. When dust air enter dust filter, first touch middle inclined baffle. Air flow turn to dust hopper and the speed of airflow become slowly. As the inertia, crude material in the air will fall into dust hopper directly and obtain pre-filtering dust.Airflow from dust hopper will pass through metal frame upward, dust is collected on the surface of filtering bag. After purified air enter into up cleaning room, discharge from air outlet pipe. Inlet of type PPCS is arranged on the dust hopper. Airflow enter dust hopper and first touch the baffle of up air inlet. The function is the same as the above. The shell is separated into absolute dust filtering room by baffle. According to the giving time interval, clean the dust of every chamber. Every dust chamber is installed one lifting valve. Close lifting valve when removing dust and cut off airflow from dust filter, pulse valve will open and spray high pressure atmosphere to smooth away the dust of filtering bag. The spraying width of dust filter and dust filter and dust frequency is controlled by special dust program controller automatically and continuously.

Technical description of type PPCS air case pulse bag filter
Air case pulse dust bag filter is used to clean dust in diving chamber in turn, that is to say, offline clean dust. When one room is spraying dust, filtering air will be cut off and avoid of secong scattering of dust. So air case pulse bag filter can collect density of 1000 g/m3(standard) air.

Composition and supply scope of dust filter
1.The body of dust filter is including shell, dust hopper, filtering and device, inlet and outlet pipe, pulse spraying system(include pulse valve, pipe, valve, three connections of air source and air tank etc.)
2. Dust filter is assorted with removing dust electric control device, normally it use timing dust control. If the customer ask to use given resistance, note it when placing an order. Pressure differential, alarming meter and other instrument will be calculated in another.
3. Discharge device of dust collect is fitted according to the customer’s requirement.
4. The customer requests to change filtering cloth to meet other special request. For example, high chilled zone should add heating system. It may note in the order.
5. Dust filter can be shipped in the whole or in partial according to different specifications. The foundation is designed by the customer.
6. The manufacturer should supply operation and installation instructions.

Dust CollectorDust Collector

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