Steel Silo for Cement & Induatrial Powder Storage

Spiral Silo Making Machine Operating Instruction

Part One: Equipment Description
BF3.0m/m steel strip forming and bending machine is the latest release of the circular steel silo (pool) in the construction unit, the amendment of the innovation of GB products based on SM30 from Germany, with the same function, and operation and maintenance convenient, reduces the diameter of different specifications of tooling, save the machine installation time, greatly reduces the cost of construction of the project. At present, our company launched BF3.0m/m steel strip forming and bending suture set high strength alloy steel are used in the material, greatly improving the service life of the machine.

Part Two:Usage And Work Principle
Use of BF3.0m/m steel strip forming and forming is to built round metal container. Its working principle: 2 – 4mm thick, 495mm wide steel strip after BF3.0m/m steel strip forming and bending machine five molding process and five bending, bite export process will be a circle given molded strip forced bite and spiral seam synthesis of 4 – 50m diameter specifications ranging from circular cylinder (wall). The steel structure (wall) are widely used in the following aspects:
1. From the material type: granular material, powder material and liquid material storage.
2. From the industry: used in food, feed, medicine, food, brewing, petroleum, cement, water treatment and other fields.
3. Specific varieties such as wheat, soybean, corn, sorghum, wheat flour, bulk cement, fly ash, sewage, water, chemical storage etc.
According to the storage medium, health requirements, corrosion resistance, silo, a pool body materials can use an ordinary black plate, galvanized steel, nickel plated steel, high-strength steel sheet, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy plate, composite plate, plastic coated metal plate materials (including the plate, galvanized plate, aluminum plate, aluminum alloy plate, chrome plate, nickel plate, bonded plywood can be of double bent), to meet the needs of a variety of purposes.

Part Three:Equipment Details
1.Forming machine: weighing about 3150kg; function: 2 – 4mm thick, 495mm wide steel strip steel material bending and preliminary processing, while the material is bent into the required arc diameter silo.
2.Bending machine weighs about 3000kg; function: the initial shape and with good material forced bending, bite, suture in a circular cylinder.

biting machine for spiral silo
3.Uncoiler:weighs about 200kg; function: 495mm wide material is placed in the uncoiler , then the coil will be launched.
4.Pillars, steel frame, each group weight about 150kg; function: according to the required diameter silo integrally as cylinder (wall) of the supporting track.
5.Electric control device, function: control machine movement.

Part Four:Technical Characteristics
1. Forming, bending the steel plate width is 495mm, thickness is 2-4mm
2. Making cylinder height is from 4 to 50 meter
3. Forming the bend suture line speed 3.5 – 4.5/ minutes (due to the oil on the steel plate reduces the friction coefficient).
4. BF3.0m/m steel strip forming and bending suture unit driving power is 27kw.

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