Steel Silo for Cement & Induatrial Powder Storage

Chemical Powder Silo

1.Brief Introduction:
Industrial chemical material is used for industry production. It would be polluted if stored in the open-air. Some of industrial chemical material is easy to oxidized or deterioration, so it also needs us to store it in sealed environment.

Lipp silo is good air tightness and sealing well which is the most suitable silo to store industrial chemical powder material, such as lime powder, bulk cement powder, etc.. For better discharging from silo, we will design homogenization equipment to control material discharging speed. At the same time, we will design the silo as hopper bottom according to customer requirement or silo itself volume.

Regarding industrial chemical powder silo conveying equipment, we will design and offer suitable auxiliary equipment such as bucket elevator, air slide or pneumatic conveying system according to material properties and special request.

2. Outstanding advantages of chemical powder steel silo:
1)Good overall performance, long service life: spiral seaming edge five times the parent metal thickness, which greatly strengthens the silos’body resistance to load capacity; its stability and strength service life are better than that of other steel silos.
2)Good air-tightness, extensive usage: this seaming by special equipment bending forming , sealing performance is especially good; can be used in granular, powder, grain storage ; avoid external humidity influence in inside materials, and at the same time can satisfy the insecticidal, fumigation etc. process requirement, and can also be used to store liquid objects.
3)Short construction time, low installing cost: the silo body weight is equivalent to 1/6 of concrete silo with same volume , which greatly reduce the basic cost; at the same time extremely short construction period.
4) Equipped with full set auxiliary according customer’s requirement: the silo equipped with conveyor, material level monitor, dust remover, etc. All auxiliary depended on the storage material.

3. Technical parameter for reference:
Capacity:500ton, 1000ton, 1500ton, 200ton, 3000ton, 5000ton, 7000ton, 10000ton, etc.
Diameter: 7m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 20m, etc.

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