Steel Silo for Cement & Induatrial Powder Storage

Fly Ash Silo

Fly ash is in powder type. To storage fly ash need to avoid wet air.
Spiral steel silo is the best steel structure for fly ash storage. Spiral silo is import LIPP technical from Germany.
The edge of spiral silo is five times thickness than that of silo shell. No leakage of air, even powder.
Steel structure silo is easy to install, short installation period, and save labors, long life time—more than 30 years.
The capacity can be from 50 ton to 10,000 ton per silo. All of our LIPP silo are in round shape, the diameter will be from 3 meter to 30 meter per silo.
Silo bottom can dived into different types. Conical hopper bottom and flat hopper bottom.
The conical hopper bottom silo capacity always be small silo, the capacity of silo is not more than 2000 ton. But the silo will be built with some accessory equipment, such as vibrator on silo hopper, aeration box on silo hopper, to ensure the fly ash discharge smoothly.
The flat bottom silo always be invert cone inside silo bottom, the function is to reduce the pressure when discharge fly ash from the center of silo top. For this type, the invert cone can avoid the fly ash flow down to the aeration box directly. The aeration box is to make the fly ash discharge smoothly.
Some big silos will have more than one invert cone inside silo bottom..
Silos’ on ground foundation can be steel structure and concrete structure.
Steel structure foundation silo always be small silo, the capacity is lower than 1500 ton.
Concrete structure foundation silo can be each type structure silo.

fly ash silo
Detailed display of the fly ash  steel silo:

Spiral steel silo with galvanized double steel plate


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