Steel Silo for Cement & Induatrial Powder Storage

How To Ensure Spiral Steel Silo Quality

1.We purchase the raw material galvanized steel plate (hot rolling) 275g/m2 from HBIS Group core company—Han-Steel, which is specially producing galvanized steel sheet. Before the raw material arrived at our factory, we will make bending test for each batch coiler sheet.
2.Each galvanized sheet is with the material certificate issued by Han-Steel (to guarantee raw material high quality)
3.Open each coiler sheet to check its surface and then cut it into 495mm width, then make it into coil shape again, to ensure the good situation for installation at site.
4.When workers welded or manufactured the reinforce rib, silo roof structure in workshop, our production department director will inspect producing quality non-scheduled time. Our workers welded the material according to national standard request.
5.Regarding material packing, considering long time on the sea and better for loading at sea port, we use steel frame to fix the raw material and steel box to store small materials, to guarantee material completely and without damage.
6.Installation at site: installation workers have at least 5 years welding work experience and each worker has welder certificate.
7.Silo installation welding requirement according to national standard. During the welding period, our QC will inspect the welder work at any time. Also use the measurement to check the welding quality.
8.When finished silo installation, we can accept the owner to inspect and check work performance at site.
9.After the whole project finished, our team will train the owner workers the operation rules and matters need attention.
10.We offered all of equipment operation manual book for owner workers operation and maintenance at site.
11. Our civil work engineer will design the silo foundation drawing according to the owner geological report. We will arrange two engineers to check the foundation civil work at site before install silo.
12. Quality guarantee: 1 year.




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