Steel Silo for Cement & Induatrial Powder Storage

Tips For Feeding Material Into Silo

1.Select the silo need to feed material, then close discharging valve in silo bottom, and open the gate of silo roof as well start feeding system.
2.Feeding material through feed hole in center to avoid causing silo partial load.
3.Each silo has level monitor, the max material level can not exceed the level in which monitor alarm. If silo not equipped with level monitor, the worker should see and ensure the material level lower 200mm than silo edge.
4.When feeding material, it is forbidden to appear flame, all the lighting equipment and electrical equipment should be qualified antiknock device.
5.When feeding, open the ventilation hole to low the dust density inside silo. If feeding cement into silo, user should open the dust collector on silo roof.
6.During process of feeding, it is forbidden to go into silo inside for anyone.
7.When finish feeding material, user should close feeding gate.



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